Bio + Waste Streams

Light Footprints

Agribusiness + Construction industry = Zero carbon buildings

The Problem is waste, the opportunity is how we design with it. Finding end uses for man-made + bio-waste, turning waste into resource, creating circular economies with new technology. We strive for low-carbon and low lifecycle greenhouse gas emissions

Construction industry waste + non resilient architecture.

Within our building industry we face:
• Limited on-shore manufacturing
• High importation of off-shore building materials
• Outdated + wasteful construction methods
• Inappropriate building materials for flood prone climate
• 40% of Australia’s waste comes from construction and demolition. (20.4 Mt)
• Queensland makes the most waste in Australian
• Global Construction Waste is estimated as 30% of the total
weight of building materials

(National Waste Report 2018, Dep. Env. Energy)

Our product is applicable to any country globally recycling PET.

  • Our Australian Pilot plant will turn waste into building panels
    we plan 2 plants in Australia and 1 in Germany.

Modulus is a biocomposite modular building system made from:

• Recycled mixed coloured PET which can not be used in perpetual ‘bottle to bottle’ recycling.
• Mycelium which can be grown on local sugar cane waste, timber mill waste + agricultural fibres.
• Flax which is grown here and woven here yet the complete cycle is yet to be circular.