Modulus Family of products

A complete building system; floors, walls, roof + interior panels which slot together to form a simple architecture, easily installed + maintained..

Resilient Architecture:

• Flood proof
• Damp mould proof
• Salt water proof
• Termite proof
• Cyclone rated
• Modular for fast assembly

Applications from small to large

Flood prone, water resilient architecture

  • Water resilient: Marine Research architecture, Ports, Marinas
  • Costal + flood plane architecture: Houses, Resorts, Municipality
  • Other: Carports, Garages, Bus + tram shelters, Pool

Data storage architecture

  • Educational architecture: Schools, Universities, Museums, Galleries, Libraries

mould proof’ architecture

  • Medical architecture: Hospitals, Medical Centres, Age care,

MediPod by Modulus

MediPod, Hospital Pod In response to COVID-19(April 2020)

During these unprecedented and dangerous times it has become clear that as responsible citizens we have to be able to be flexible and sustainable to meet the needs these changes require. As such we present a realisation of our product line that was considered as a possibility in the future of sustainable construction. Designed for disassembly with material concepts that rely on local material streams our products address two key challenges that need to be addressed to be able to quickly re-spond to such rapid changes. Hence, they need to be reconsidered as a viable tool in the current and future health campaign against such pandemics.

A Modular flexibility of design

It can be assembled, if required, as a medical facility add-on or a fully transportable, set up and pack up or a semi permanent emergency build-ing. The system is simple to add as a stand alone construction near essential facilities or join as an extension, to existing buildings. The lightweight product design reduces both economic and envi-ronmental costs of transportation. It also reduces labor-intense construction in times of a shortage of resources.

B Prefabricated

Speed of fabrication and some modification the construction can be altered to be temporary or permanent. Packaged and stored ready to be de-ployed, or shipped on trucks or boats to required locations.With the choice to be disassembled after use or made more permanent.Pre-configured and customizable installation of wiring, piping, electrical and other infrastructure reduces planning efforts and increases functionality especially in highly functional building structures (hospitals, elderly homes etc.)


C Skins

The interior surfaces are water resilient and can be hosed-down or disinfected after use or proce-dures. Inherent polymer functionalization allows the addition of antimicrobial, antiviral and antibacterial properties to suit biomedical applications. Further customizable surface options can be realized in-line with various foil applications. Equal options are available for exterior surfaces where needed. Implementation of flexible electronic materials into the polymers allows additional functions such as luminescence for drawing attention to the building unit/pod as well as photovoltaics for solar energy harvesting to provide power and electricity. Off-grid water can be provided by water tanks plugged into the side.

D Applications

  •  Treatment/ Surgery rooms/ ICU
  • Quarantine areas for isolation
  • On site emergency staff accommodation
  • Command Centre