As a country we have some of the key resources necessary to grow + manufacture our product. The local: design + composite engineering, the recycled PETfeedstock, the additives essential for optimisation, + the emerging natural fibre sector. But we lack technology pathway, this is an opportunity to import expertise in agriculture as wellas processing technology.

Flag ship (technology, materials + design)

Our modular rPET, biocomposite recyclable design is a flagship product. The material combinations are new. Our natural binding agents, fibres + profiles are also new to market . Our method of production is new to this Country, we have the capacity to automate building construction as cars were once built in Australia.

Importing – Technology Transfer

Our product is reliant at this time on overseas technology, it brings diverse specialisations together from Europe, Malaysia + the US. Our challenge is to import thesetechnologies in order to grow and manufacture our buildings using our local waste resource.

Exporting – potential

SMEs can plug into Material Resource Facilities, MRF’s utilizing local PET waste streams; sorting, cleaning, shredding to flake + pellet then reprocessing to a specified product and able to produce our buildings.Once proven our product is ready to licence, Germany will be the first plant.


Our first prototype (because of the Covid19 epidemic) will be an ICU ‘MediPod’ assembled for Certification to Australian Building Standards. Pods will then be used as living labs for assessment and data used for future development.


Webinars will be run throughout the development phase, on ‘Circular design + materials’ by our industry partner + technology transfer specialists in Europe.University of Melbourne will run a Masters in ‘Mycelium engineering’ and a Ph.D. on ‘Upcycling waste’.


Parallel research will be done into bioplastics, offering the public a 100% recyclable biocontent building by 2025


A target of 245 average sized homes (180m2) will save 63million (0.5Lt) drink bottles from landfill.

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